Semper Plus Ultra Society

The Semper Plus Ultra Society recognizes those members of the Hamlin community who have made provisions in their will or estate plan to give a legacy gift to Hamlin. We are grateful to the following people who support Hamlin in this meaningful way.

Deborah Adams '63
Timothy N. Brown
Cecily Burrill '96
Suzanne Teroller Busch '45
Shannon Cadile '89
Jean Chambers
Kate MacGavin Dickey '45
Christine Miller Droessler '96 and Matt Droessler
Claire Etienne '60
Marc Evenson
Amy Griffin '74
Arlene Hogan
Pamela Howard '70 and Tom Castle
Janet Hunter
Marion Baird Janney '48 †
Pamela Keon
Wendelyn Witter Kistler '58
Merlin and Ann Kretzschmar
Donna Goodheart Krupp '38 and Marcus Krupp
Emil Lawrence
Bernice Gucker Lindstrom '57
John M. Luce
James and Patsy Ludwig
Lorry and John Luikart
Pamela Greenbach McQueen '70
J. Sanford Miller
Hideo and Kayoko Miyazawa
Charlan Nemeth
Helen Wilson O'Hanlon '54
M. Johanna Peterson '58
Linnie Larson Pickering '66
Marie-Louise Pratt
Paul and Louise Renne
Patricia Robertson
Theo Schwabacher '74
Bernice Roth Spalding '38 †
Timothy Stewart and Susan Rugtiv
Carey Timbrell †
Renee Breton Waltz '49
Janice and Dick Yamagami

For more information about the Semper Plus Ultra Society and Legacy Giving, please contact Adrienne Moon, Director of Alumnae Engagement | Email: | Telephone: 415-674-5425

† Deceased